Down The Drain

by Fight Them All

Nothing New 01:39
had your five minutes how long you thought it would last? been shining bright like a star now it's time to pack your bags won't impress us with your tricks my hands won't fucking clap what you say is nothing new so shut your fucking trap you showed us all your best nothing more to prove just a piece of trash we're fucking sick of you
you think you're here to save me to make me live free think i believe in good intentions but you're only ran by your greed it's not getting better you're making no change you think you're here to save me to make me live free think i believe in good intentions but you're only ran by your greed want me to be thankful praise you like god but you're no messiah so get fucking off it's not getting better you're making no change all of your efforts go down the fucking drain
Apart 00:48
dont get any closer just like this is enough you have your own life you should better back off what made you think that this will work out we won't be friends there is no doubt i won't tell you my secrets don't wanna listen to yours don't try to confide in me it will only make things worse this won't work out stop trying so hard when will you get this we're better off apart
Mess My Head 01:20
promised me heaven it felt like fucking hell so glad it's over no longer under your spell you'll never have me you never really had won't let you fool me won't let you mess with my head always trying to change me want to mold me into your form i cant feel like myself anymore all reduced to your norm don't ask bout my feelings they're no longer true i only say what you need to hear it's all up for you
how can you say that nothing really happened that there was no harm done and noone's hurt how can you say that nothing really happened and that words don't mean a thing another sexist joke, humiliating someone you had a good laugh, for you it's all fun
how long you're gonna fool yourself when will you realize we don't care about your artistic visions it's all just bunch of fucking lies all your pathethic work and what you call the art don't mean a fucking thing it was bullshit from the start you may say it's all so brave and deep - for me it's all fake did you ever wonder, how much art can we take?
Forbidden 00:52
why does it bother you why do you care so much about who fucks with who or who's getting sucked who will you put on a stake why do you think this is right to preach about social norms or say what's not allowed it's still bugging you can't get the image out of your head two people making love but not the way to which you consent
Pure 00:59
taking care about your homeland protect it's every inch won't share with the ones in need you won't let anyone in worried about your culture about religion and your race impurity is not an option won't give it any space afraid of what you don't know for you it's a potential threat selfish close minded fuck you've seen nothing yet
Dead End 01:00
always the first one to take but dead least to give seems like it won't ever change and i'm just about to quit dead end street dead end...
will it ever be just enough for you greedy fucking mind what else will you do conquer and divide move another pawn for you it's just a game till enemies are gone never enough never enough never enough you need total control never enough never enough never enough heads will fucking roll abusing your power, not giving a shit all your opponents gone bit by bit


12" co-op with DIY Koło Rec, NIC Rec and Black Wednesday soon
side A: Down The Drain 2017
side B: Demo 2012 remixed and remastered for 5 anniversary
All songs recorded at Studio Riot
Artwork by Dziki
Tape by Youth 2 Youth Records -


released March 7, 2017


all rights reserved



Fight Them All Poznań, Poland

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