Demo 2012

by Fight Them All

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released July 25, 2012



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Fight Them All Poznań, Poland

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Track Name: No Sleep
nothing's a problem
but i can't get no sleep
don't know what's the matter
but it's eating me bit by bit
future is uncertain
everything's a blur
i want everything to be beatiful
and nothing to hurt

what's wrong with me?
am i ok?
what's wrong with me?
it's like this day by day
Track Name: Stop Whining + You're Screwed
i don't need to hear you whinig
it only makes me sick
this bullshit never ends
i wanna fucking quit

please stop for a moment
give us all a break
this shit has gone too far
it's more than we can take

your imaginary problems
is all you talk about
once you open your mouth
i'm fucking out

please stop for a moment
give us all a break
this shit has gone too far
it's more than we can take


it wasn't your mistake
but you're paying the price
it wasn't your decision
you just bought all their lies

you're fucking screwed
at your own will
you didn't mess up
but you pay the bill

they made you a fucking scapegoat
when shit got out of hand
you can't handle it all
you're facing bitter end

giving your life away
you're nothing but a slave
puppet on strings
that's your fucking way
giving your life away
you're nothing but a slave
now you're just wishing
it didn't end up this way
Track Name: I Don't Feel Safe
i don't feel safe
i don't feel safe
i don't feel safe
no no i don't feel safe

with your loaded gun and pepper spray
with your fucked up head and the rules you obey

don't bother to question your master's voice
when order is given a cop's got no choice
Track Name: Dog On A Leash
you're keeping me on distance
still i'm on your every call
making me feel like
i don't feel at all

always in arm's reach
but never got too close
if you don't want me around
just tell me to fuck off

please tell me to fuck off

feeling like a dog on a leash
ready to serve when you're in need
Track Name: 7 Plies
when the world tries to get the best of me
i grab my board start pushing fast
leaving all this shit behind
without this i would't last

i'll skate until i can't walk
i will push until i die
it's making me fucking alive
7 plies

going faster with each kick
i'm eating concrete with my wheels
bombing hills and ollieing gaps
you can't make me stop!
Track Name: Your Standards
you ruined your own life
now you want to direct mine
its worthless fucking effort
you're wasting your time

i see you're desperate
and got no life at all
try to rule mine
but that's a long haul

you won't put me
in your command
i won't give up without a fight
won't make me fit
into your standards
don't fucking tell me what is right

so you wanna be the chief
but i know it won't work
try to gain full control
that's what you think you deserve

try to be above all
you think you're that wise
your fucking kind
is what i despise