No More Orders

by Fight Them All

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released December 1, 2014



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Fight Them All Poznań, Poland

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Track Name: Wrong Path
you don't know moderation
can't resist the drive
hit the rock bottom
everytime you take a dive

pushed it too hard
didn't know where to stop
and enough for you is when you're totally fucked

took the wrong path
got youreself misled
you think you're all fine
but you're already dead
Track Name: Imprisoned
i miss nothing out there
no feeling of loss
cut down expectations
peace of mind is what i want the most

the outside world is not for me
there's nothing good there for me to find
so i better stay at my own place
where forever i will hide

the outisde world is frightening me
only pain, misery and lies
so i'll keep myself imprisoned
no will to go outside
Track Name: Hard Way
tried so hard it, all turned to shit
left with no power, im losing grip
all the effort i put, it didnt pay back
is this what i wanted or did i lose the track?

i always learn it the hard way
some things are not for me

wish it never started, wish i gave it second thought
empty hands and torn up heart is all i've got
recurring dream of glorious end
soon became a nightmare that i can't understand

its slipping through my fingers
while i'm trying to hold things down
the delusion of success
will knock me to the ground
Track Name: Loud Applause
living sorrounded by a party of mindless fools
that are ready to applaud your every fucking move
no critisism can reach you, it never crossed your mind
that something might be wrong with you, you're just too fucking blind

everyhting's cool
whith your head up your ass
this feeling of approval
you want it to last
Track Name: Don't Come Here
it's not your first attempt you keep coming in my way
making yourself a fool with bullshit that you say

all that racist nonsense and fucked up theories
about your higher kind you must be kidding me

you're wasting my time while wasting yours
no way to convince me why don't you fuck off

your holy war
what the fuck for?

you think we're the same but we wont relate
you're just hanging around looking for someone to hate

your silly crusades
get the fuck off my face
Track Name: Management
are you talking to me?
i can't get what you say
say it clearly or get the fuck away

cant make up your mind
it's too much to take
but first to blame me for decisions i make

you're supposed to run this place
but you can't do shit
your retarded ideas
ain't helping here
Track Name: Stand And Stare
i can see you stand and stare
as the world is burning down
no response no action
you think you're safe and sound

won't lift the fucking finger
pretend it's not your concern
better leave it for itself
for itself to burn

watch the world in flames
you've got nothing to do
watch the burning flames
soon they'll be reaching you

idle hands
idle mind
pretend not to see
i hate your kind

stand and stare like you were paralyzed
stand and stare will you ever realise?